It’s not only the insurance company’s job to process your claim, you have responsibilities too. Here, a Seattle bad faith lawyer discusses what they are.

What am I responsible for regarding my insurance claim? Can a Seattle bad faith lawyer help?



Washingtonians often wrongly believe that once they go to the doctor’s office, their responsibilities regarding their insurance claims end there. However, this is not true. Although the insurance company is primarily in charge of the claim, patients also have a few obligations too. If they don’t handle these matters correctly, they could find themselves without coverage. Here, a Seattle bad faith lawyer discusses what you should do to increase your chances of being covered by the insurance company.

Pay Your Insurance Bill

Many folks believe that their insurance has to cover what they submit, even if they don’t pay their insurance premiums on time. This is not the case. The insurance company isn’t under any obligation to cover you if you aren’t being responsible for your bills.

Act Punctually

Some insurance companies require you to turn in paperwork before a certain time in order to receive coverage. If you don’t meet that due date, you may not receive coverage and will end up owing lots of money.

Give Adequate and Correct Information

Giving false information regarding anything about yourself, including your injuries, can not only result in claim denial, but also possible criminal prosecution for fraud. Providing information that is as accurate as possible is essential in increasing your chances of receiving coverage.

Cooperating with your insurance company is also beneficial in receiving coverage. If you aren’t sure what you should do, however, call on a Seattle bad faith lawyer for help.

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