If you’ve been involved in a crash that hurt your head, you could have a coup-contrecoup injury. A Seattle catastrophic injury lawyer discusses the symptoms.

What are the symptoms of a Seattle catastrophic brain injury, such coup-contrecoup?



It was one of the nicer days in Washington: the sun was shining, the air was pleasantly warm, and the rain was holding out. Because of the perfect weather, you decided to go for a swim. You expected the area around the pool to be wet, but not as slippery as it was. You slid on a puddle and hit the front of your head against the side of the pool.

Could you have a coup-contrecoup injury? Here, a Seattle catastrophic injury attorney discusses the symptoms:

  • You have trouble remembering things
  • You aren’t able to make judgments
  • You easily become angry and aggressive
  • You have difficulty solving problems
  • You have a distorted sense of smell
  • You suddenly aren’t concerned with your appearance or hygiene
  • You are unable to perform simple tasks
  • You experience the persistence of one thought
  • You have an inability to express language
  • You are unable to plan a sequence of complex movements needed to complete multi-stepped tasks
  • You have a problem organizing
  • You experience uncharacteristic lewdness or cursing
  • You have severe mood swings
  • You experience increased impulsivity and inhibition
  • You experience a loss of the ability to make simple movements

A coup-contrecoup injury is a specific type of brain injury caused by bruising of brain tissue. The primary injury—the coup part—is located where the patient’s head strikes some object. The force of the collision propels the brain in the opposite direction, however, bruising the brain on the side opposite the primary contact. This secondary injury, the contrecoup, can be just as damaging to the brain’s function.

Any time you hit your head you should always receive immediate medical attention. Coup-contrecoup injuries are severe, and there are limited treatment options. Medical bills to help you live comfortable and keep you stable can become astronomical.

A Seattle catastrophic injury lawyer from the Andrew Kim Law Firm may help you receive compensation that can cover the cost of medical bills and pain and suffering if you’ve received such a brain injury and it wasn’t your fault. Contact us today to speak with an attorney about your situation.

If you know someone who has experienced this type of injury, we encourage you to share this information with him or her.

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