A Seattle dog bite attorney explains why small dogs can be dangerous and what you can do to prevent small dog bites and small dog attacks.

Are small dogs dangerous? Could they cause serious dog bite injuries?



It is vital to understand that any dog can bite, regardless of size, breed, or temperament. Although many people picture a 90-pound pit bull or a huge German shepherd when they imagine an aggressive dog, the truth is that thousands of dog bites each year are the work of some of the smaller breeds, such as Chihuahuas, terriers, and beagles.

Even though small dogs are much less likely to cause a fatality, they can do serious damage, especially to babies and young children. Just last year in Wenatchee, two children were attacked by a stray Chihuahua in a park and needed facial surgery. When it comes to Seattle dog bite lawsuits, it isn’t the size of the dog that matters, it is the seriousness of the injury the dog inflicted.

Some even believe that small dogs are more aggressive than larger breeds: their small stature means that they are more likely to be threatened and less likely to be properly trained. Many small dog breeds were invented for violent purposes, such as fighting or ratting, and these aggressive tendencies remain today. Some small dog breeds are also protective of their owners and very wary of strangers. Finally, small dogs are less likely to be properly leashed or fenced, making them more likely to approach strangers.

To prevent small dog bite injuries, dog safety experts recommend letting your children know that dogs of all sizes may bite and should be treated with respect and caution. If you own a small dog, never leave your small children alone with a dog, and follow all dog leash laws in your area.

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