Many people do not perceive small dogs as dangerous. However, some small dogs can be aggressive and cause serious injuries if they attack you.

Are there small dog breeds that pose a serious dog bite risk?



While many people think of small dogs as sweet, gentle, and cuddly, this is not always the case. Certain small dog breeds are considered more aggressive and dangerous. Even though they are small, they can be strong and have powerful jaws. If they attack you, you could suffer serious injuries that include scarring, disfigurement, and other catastrophic injuries—sometimes life-threatening. However, under Washington’s dog bite laws, you may be entitled to compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

Which Small Dog Breeds Are Considered Dangerous?

It is important to know which small dogs are more likely to be dangerous so you can keep your family away from them. In addition, these may be dog breeds to avoid having as pets to avoid the risk of the dog attacking you, your children, or your guests. The following are some top small dog breeds that are considered aggressive:

  • Beagles. Beagles have been bred as work dogs and can have an uncontrollable drive that can make them emotional, impulsive, and unresponsive to their owners’ commands. This makes them more likely to bite someone.
  • Cocker Spaniels. These dogs are very sensitive and anxious. They can have a rage syndrome, which causes them to attack violently without provocation.
  • Jack Russell terrier. This working breed has been trained to take on foxes. They have a stubborn temper, strong jaws, and a reputation for not backing down in a fight or attack.
  • Chihuahua. While many people do not take the dangers of this breed seriously, Chihuahuas can be fierce and very hostile, making them dangerous if they attack someone.
  • Shi Tzu. Shi Tzus must be trained properly from an early age to avoid becoming aggressive.
  • Dachshund. Dachshunds are considered extremely dangerous, and any bite by this type of dog can cause the victim to suffer serious injuries.

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