How long do you have to file a complaint against your insurance company for a claim dispute? We have the answer here.

How much time do I have to file a complaint against my insurance company for wrongly denying my claim?



You were spending time with the family at Woodland Park Zoo, the Sculpture Park, or the Museum of Flight when you began to feel excruciating pain in your abdomen. You were then rushed to UW Medical Center, Swedish Hospital, or one of the medical facilities in the area.

You learned your appendix was about to rupture and underwent surgery to remove it. A few months later you received notice from your insurance company that your claim was denied and that you are responsible for the thousands of dollars in medical bills you now have.

Don’t Wait Too Long Before Disputing the Claim

You feel that your claim was wrongly denied and want to take action. How much time do you have?

  • The statute of limitations. Typically, you have one year from either the time the event occurred or when your claim was originally denied to begin the dispute process. Not filing before the statute of limitations expires could result in your having to pay for the bills yourself.
  • Check the fine print. To know for sure what your insurance company considers to be the statute of limitations, consult your policy. Often, the documents will contain a section entitled “Suits Against Us” or something similar that will provide the information about the time frame you have.
  • Why deadlines exist. Some insurance companies create these deadlines in an effort to prevent policy holders from taking action against them.

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