Suffering from a knee injury after a slip and fall accident is only the beginning; some issues can end up plaguing you for the rest of your life.

Will the knee injury I sustained after a slip and fall accident cause me problems in the future?



Is it too much to ask to go the store and remain injury-free? Your recent trip to the market has you wondering. What was supposed to be a quick stop for milk landed you in the emergency room at Virginia Mason for a knee injury caused by slipping on a wet floor.

Any signs alerting you of the slippery surface were absent and you ended up cracking your patella on the floor when you came crashing down. As bad luck would have it, you ended up with one of the worst types of kneecap fractures. Called a comminuted fracture, your knee cap came apart in three pieces.

Will You Ever Recover Completely?

Because of the severity of your fracture, you need surgery to repair your patella. Unfortunately, not all symptoms go away following these types of operations, and you may feel the following effects of the break for a long time to come:

  • Chronic pain. Despite your doctor’s best efforts, you may still suffer from pain even after the repair is made. Chronic discomfort is common, and may result in you taking medication to ease the symptoms long-term.
  • Arthritis. Patella factures often damage the articular cartilage that covers and protects the underside of the bone. Over time, this may lead to arthritis. In fact, one out of every four or five patients who suffer from patella fractures experience arthritis.
  • Muscle weakness. Your quadriceps muscle may be forever weakened because of the injury. This often means loss of motion in your leg.

Suffering Financially Because of Someone Else’s Negligence Isn’t Fair

While the short-term cost of your injury may seem manageable, you need to consider the cost of physical therapy or lost wages in the years to come. Unless you have a lawyer fighting for your rights, you’ll end up paying for the medical bills and future expenses your injury has caused, all because of someone else’s mistake. If you want to hold the person responsible for your injury accountable, contact the Andrew Kim Law Firm. We may be able to get you the compensation you deserve.