Seattle child injury attorney Andrew Kim answers a common question about child traumatic brain injuries: what are the long-term affects of head trauma?

What are the possible long-term affects of a traumatic brain injury in a child?



Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) are different from other types of serious injury because they affect the control center of the body. The long-term affects of TBI can range widely and differ drastically in severity. Children are especially susceptible to long-term consequences of TBI because their brains are not yet fully developed.

The permanent or long-term consequences of traumatic brain injuries can be broken into three general categories: physical disabilities, cognitive disabilities, and emotional disabilities. Let’s take a closer look:

  • Physical disabilities. Even though the physical body may escape injury, the nervous system that controls the body might be damaged during a TBI. Mild issues may include headaches, fatigue, and difficulty with fine motor skills such as writing. More serious injuries may include seizures, paralysis, and spasticity.
  • Cognitive disabilities. It is no surprise that head injuries may lead to difficulty with thinking and cognitive processing. Specifically, brain injury victims may suffer from short- and long-term memory issues, speech problems, concentration issues, listening, and focusing their attention.
  • Emotional disabilities. In addition to the two categories above, children may have social and behavioral issues following a brain injury. For example, they may feel depression, suffer from anxiety, experience extreme mood swings, become upset easily, or have little control over their emotions. They may suffer from anger issues and impulse control. They may suffer from a lack of motivation.

These long-term consequences of TBI is yet another reason that you may wish to consider speaking with a Washington child injury attorney following your child’s serious accident. Collecting compensation from the responsible party can help you pay for your child’s future medical bills and various therapies. To speak with a lawyer about your possible case, call Andrew Kim today at 800-636-3676.