Once you settle your car accident case, you will not receive your payment right away. Here, we explain how long it will take to complete your settlement.

How long will it take to receive a check after I settle my car accident claim?



When you finally reach the stage of your car accident case where you settle your claim with the negligent driver’s insurance company, you will understandably be anxious to receive your settlement proceeds. Unfortunately, you will not receive your payment immediately. It could take approximately four to six weeks to complete the settlement process.

Steps in Finalizing Your Auto Crash Settlement

There are a number of steps that have to occur before you receive your check. Understanding them can lessen your impatience and help you to ensure that these steps are being taken by the negligent driver’s insurance company. Here are the basics of what needs to happen:

  • Signing release form. Before issuing your check, the negligent driver’s insurance company will ask you to sign a release of all claims form. By signing it, you are agreeing to waive any claims against the negligent driver and the insurance company in exchange for your payment. It is crucial to have your release reviewed by an experienced car accident attorney before signing it to be certain that you are receiving a fair settlement and that you are not waiving important legal rights. Your lawyer may negotiate some terms in the release with the insurance company, which can make the process take longer but can protect your interests.
  • Processing check. Once you sign the release, the insurance company will follow their procedures for issuing your check and will send it to your attorney. The check may be payable to you and your attorney. This step can take several weeks.
  • Depositing check in a trust fund. Your attorney will deposit your settlement proceeds in a client trust account. Once the check has cleared, the attorney will pay any liens and bills, such as medical liens and health insurance bills, that you owe. He may negotiate smaller payments to some of these parties before making the payment. He will also deduct any costs, like expert witness fees, that he paid and his attorney fees from your settlement proceeds.
  • Paying you. After these final payments have been made, your attorney will write a check to you for the settlement proceeds that you are owed.

Our experienced car accident attorneys are here to file your claim and negotiate your settlement so that you receive what you deserve as quickly as possible. Call our Bellevue office or fill out our online form to schedule your free consultation today.

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