You must file a lawsuit for your injuries in a slip and fall accident within Washington State’s statute of limitations. Here, find out what these deadlines are.

What is the statute of limitations to file my slip and fall accident lawsuit in Washington State?



If you suffered injuries in a slip and fall accident in the Seattle area, it is important to understand the basics of how to file a claim with the negligent property owner’s insurance company and some of the laws that apply in your case. One of the most important laws that you need to know—and follow—is Washington State’s statute of limitations for filing your civil lawsuit.

What Is the Statute of Limitations for Filing a Complaint in a Slip and Fall Case?

The statute of limitations is the time period you have to file a lawsuit in court against the negligent party. If you wait too long and miss this critical deadline, the judge will most likely dismiss your case. Here are important statutes of limitations you must follow:

  • Property damage and personal injuries. The statute of limitations to file your lawsuit for property damage or personal injuries caused in your slip and fall accident is three years from the date of your accident.
  • Wrongful death. If a loved one died due to his injuries, the deadline to sue would be three years from the date of his death.
  • Minor. If the victim is a minor, he has three years from the date of his 18th birthday—not the date of injury—to file his lawsuit.

Why Waiting Until the Last Minute to Retain an Experienced Slip and Fall Attorney Is Never a Good Idea

It is a mistake to wait to file your lawsuit until the deadline is about to expire to retain an experienced slip and fall attorney. Important evidence like surveillance tapes of your accident may be destroyed and witnesses could disappear. You may have also made inadvertent mistakes that hurt your right to compensation if you do not retain a lawyer to guide you through the process of filing your claim.

How soon should you hire an attorney? You want to do this as soon as possible after your accident. To learn about our experience settling and trying these cases and your next steps, fill out our online form to schedule your free consultation.