You lost your husband because a doctor prescribed him the wrong mediation and he died as a result. What are you entitled to receive? Find out here.

What am I entitled to receive in a wrongful death claim when my spouse dies?



You still can’t believe it, yet you can’t get the images out of your mind. You rushed your husband to the emergency room after he seemed to have a reaction to the medication he was prescribed by his doctor earlier in the day.

The ER staff hurried him back to the treatment room and what seemed like ages later, a doctor came out and greeted you with a solemn face and the words you’ll never forget: “I’m sorry. He’s gone.”

You Can Take Action

You feel helpless but angry. You want to do something, but you aren’t sure what. Although filing a wrongful death claim won’t bring your loved one back, it can help you seek justice for the untimely death of your spouse.

When you file a wrongful death claim, you could receive:

  • Spousal support. A spouse who is left behind may be able to receive financial support that the spouse who died would have contributed to the living spouse if he were still alive. This amount also includes what the spouse would have given in the future.
  • Spousal consortium. This type of support includes affection, cooperation, company, fellowship, and assistance with the home and family.
  • Pre-death expenses. Money received from a wrongful death claim could also pay for expenses that were incurred before your spouse died, such as doctor’s bills, and may also cover funeral expenses.

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