Were you injured in a car crash in another state? Here, we explain how this affects your right to compensation and why you need to hire a local attorney.

What happens if I was injured in an out-of-state auto crash?



Any time you are injured in a car accident that was someone else’s fault, it can be a stressful and painful experience. It can be even more overwhelming and confusing if you were traveling in another state when your collision occurred. Here, we explain how being involved in an out-of-state auto crash affects your right to compensation for your injuries.

Issues That Arise When Your Motor Vehicle Wreck Occurs in Another State

There are a number of complications that can arise when filing a claim following an accident out of state. Here are some considerations in these cases:

  • Governing law. The laws of the state where your collision occurred will govern your case. This means that you will need to file any lawsuit in that state and follow its rules on doing so, such as the statute of limitations for filing your complaint.
  • Insurance coverage. Most auto insurance policies provide coverage no matter where your accident occurs, so your own insurance policy should offer protections when you are injured outside your home state. If you purchased collision or uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage, you should be able to file a claim under these coverages if necessary. You should report your accident to your insurance company promptly.
  • Minimum liability coverage. The minimum amount of liability insurance coverage that a driver must purchase varies by state. This could affect the amount of compensation you can receive from the negligent driver’s insurance company if he only purchased the minimal coverage.
  • Attorney. You need to retain an experienced car accident attorney to protect your legal rights and negotiate your settlement with the insurance company even more if your accident occurred in another state. It is best to retain a lawyer where your crash occurred because he will understand the laws that you must follow. In addition, only attorneys licensed in that state can file a lawsuit against the negligent driver if this becomes necessary, which is another reason to retain someone who practices there.

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