Pedestrians hit by cars while walking in a crosswalk is not an uncommon occurrence. It is important to take the right actions after the accident.

I was hit by a car while walking in a crosswalk. What should I do?



While attempting to use the crosswalk at East Portland Avenue, you are struck by a vehicle and severely injured.

Unfortunately, this scenario is all too common, whether it be in Tacoma or any of Washington’s other numerous intersections. Pedestrians hit by cars while walking in a crosswalk often incur serious injuries because they have no exterior protection from the impact.

You may find yourself facing many weeks of medical treatment and rehabilitation, as well as an inability to return to work. For these reasons, it is important to take the proper actions after your accident in order to improve your chances for pursuing a claim for compensation.

Five Steps to Take After a Pedestrian Crosswalk Accident

After being hit by a car while walking in a crosswalk, consider taking the following actions:

  1. It is imperative that first and foremost, you must seek immediate medical attention. This is potentially a matter of life and death. Early treatment for your injuries can improve your chances for recovery. In addition, waiting too long to seek medical attention after a crosswalk accident can harm your claim that the injuries were caused by the collision.
  2. Once you have obtained medical attention, it is time to ensure that your legal rights are protected. Contact an experienced attorney who can help you through the process of pursuing a claim.
  3. Gather evidence relating to your accident. This may include photographs of the accident scene, witness statements, and police reports.
  4. Keep accurate records of your expenses relating to the accident. This includes your medical and rehabilitation bills, any property damage that you suffered, lost time from work, and other costs.
  5. Obtain copies of your medical records pertaining to the injuries that you sustained in the accident.

Unfortunately, most of us learn this list about what to do in the event of a pedestrian accident after the incident has already occurred. It would have been better if the accident had never happened.

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