You can help your child who is hurt walking to a Seattle high school. Find out how and how we may be able to help you during this difficult time.

Seattle Public Schools does not provide transportation for my high school student and he was hurt walking to school. What should I do?



We are sorry to hear about your child’s injuries. Currently, many high school students attending Seattle Public Schools walk to school. Transportation is only provided for those students who live 2.5 miles or more away from their school, unless an individual student qualifies for an exception to that rule. Other students may be required to walk from a Metro bus stop to their school if transportation is provided.

That Doesn’t Change What Happened to Your Child

While this is currently the policy of Seattle Public Schools, it does not mean that your child should have to suffer the consequences of a pedestrian accident injury on the way to school. Drivers have a duty to use reasonable care to avoid pedestrian accidents. If the driver who hit your child was negligent, then your child may be able to recover damages for his or her injuries.

Here’s What to Do

As a Seattle parent, your job is to protect your child. Accordingly, it is important to get your child the medical care that he or she needs and to make sure that your child follows the doctors’ orders. You may also want to contact your child’s school and figure out how your child can keep up with classwork while he or she is recovering. Then, you may want to contact a lawyer who may be able to help your child get a fair recovery for being hurt while walking to school. Often, a recovery can include damages for past and future medical expenses, out-of-pocket costs, lost income, and other damages. Contact us today to see what it could mean for your child.