Your child was attacked by a dog and suffered a head injury and severe bites as a result. Now she is unable to attend school. What should you do?

What should I do if the doctor says my child can’t go to school after receiving a dog bite?



Last weekend, you decided to pack up the family and go visit your life-long friends in Tacoma. As you drove up 705, you reminisced about the time you all went swimming together in the Sound. Needless to say, this was a trip you were looking forward to.

You were having a cookout in your friend’s backyard when the neighbor’s dog jumped the fence and lunged at your daughter. The dog’s front paws landed on her chest and knocked her down. She hit her head on the ground and suffered from a concussion. She also has bites on her hands and arms.

Although your daughter is recovering, the doctor doesn’t want her to return to school yet. You are concerned about her health, but also about her education.

What Should You Do?

You know you should heed the advice of your daughter’s doctor, but you don’t want her missing too much time away from school. You may be able to allow her to get better without falling too far behind, and here’s how:

  • Keep in touch with the school. Stay in contact with the school and ask the teachers to provide you with lesson plans and homework. Go over the material with her and turn her homework in as needed. Doing so can help her come back prepared.
  • Hire a tutor. Depending on how much time your daughter may have to miss, hiring a tutor may be beneficial. The tutor may be able to help her with lessons you have difficulty with. The school may provide this service for you.
  • Encourage interaction with her friends. Now, more than ever, she needs her friends and those she cares about. Not only will having them around help her recover, but they can also keep her up-to-date with what is going on in class and in school.

A Lawyer Can Help

Having an attorney on your side can keep you informed of your rights and the compensation you may be entitled to. You may be eligible to recover extra money for any out-of-pocket expenses made to help your child remain current with schoolwork.

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