You weren’t there when your child was attacked by a dog, which has you worried about obtaining compensation. Should you be? Find out here.

I wasn’t there when my child was attacked by a dog. Do we still have a chance of receiving compensation?



Your son accompanied his friend when he and his mother took their family dog to a dog park in Seattle. While his friend’s mother took the pooch into the dog area, your son and his friend remained outside of the gates, watching.

A dog that had escaped from the dog area approached your son while he was sitting on the bench. He reached out his hand to pet the canine and was greeted with a bite. The friend’s mom wasn’t paying attention to the children and didn’t actually witness the attack—only the young friend and your son saw the whole incident.

Can You Receive Compensation Based on a Child’s Account of What Happened?

You didn’t see the attack and you’re worried that since your entire case is built on the testimony of two youngsters, you won’t have a chance of receiving compensation. Here, we discuss the details you need to know:

  • Adult testimony isn’t needed. Typically, you can still receive compensation even if an adult didn’t witness the attack.
  • Gather witnesses. Reaching out to those who witnessed the attack is your best option when making a case. Speak with the friend, the mother, and anyone whom you think saw part of the attack. Their account of what occurred is ideal and often helpful in winning a claim.
  • Talk to your child. As soon as you are able to, talk with your child about the events surrounding what happened, including the breed of dog and what he was doing prior to the attack. Obtaining information like this when it is fresh in his mind will typically provide you with what is most accurate.

The Andrew Kim Law Firm Can Help

Dog bites can leave scars that are both physical and emotional. If you don’t think you should have to pay for the treatment for these ailments since the bite wasn’t your fault, you’re not alone because we don’t either.

Contact the Andrew Kim Law Firm today to speak with an attorney about your situation and find out how we may be able to help.