Does signing a liability waiver mean that injured victims have no rights if they’re injured at an indoor playland? A Seattle injury attorney explains.

Do indoor playrooms or playgrounds face any liability when kids and other patrons are injured while there?



There are literally dozens on indoor play areas throughout the Seattle region that provide entertainment, recreation, and sportS for the more than 600,000 residents who live in Seattle and its surrounding suburbs. Indoor inflatable playgrounds like Pump It Up in Lynwood, indoor trampoline parks like Elevated Sportz in Bothell, or the numerous indoor toddler playgrounds like the Ballard Community Center serve people of all ages, but frequently target young children and teens.

Most of these locations typically ask patrons to sign a liability waiver relieving the facilities of responsibility should injuries like bruises, sprains, concussions, or broken bones occur. This Play At Your Own Risk liability means that if any injuries like these were to occur, then the families of individual children are typically held responsible.

However, there are some instances when the businesses themselves, or the franchise owners, may be liable if injuries occur while on their property. These exceptions are usually labeled as gross negligence or willful misconduct.

Common Examples of Gross Negligence or Willful Misconduct

  • Equipment failure
  • Inadequate staff supervision
  • Poor facility maintenance
  • Lack of safety guideline enforcement

These facilities have a responsibility to maintain their buildings and equipment in such a way to provide their patrons with a safe, fun experience. Any failure to ensure adequate safety measures and policies throughout the premises could result in serious injuries like traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, multiple bone fractures, or other serious injuries that cost patrons their time, money, and a lifetime of physical health problems.

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