You may want to share the details of your Bellevue car crash and injuries with the world, but doing so probably isn’t a good idea.

Whom should I talk to about my Bellevue car crash?



Experiencing an auto accident is a traumatic event. Along with the emotional aspects, you may suffer from physical problems, as well. Wanting to talk about your experience with others is natural, but unfortunately, doing so can also be quite dangerous to your case. Here, a Bellevue car crash lawyer discusses who you should talk to about your crash.

  • Speak With Your Lawyer. You can tell your lawyer everything about your crash. You can go over all of the details, your thoughts, your feelings, and the ins and outs of your injuries. Remember, your attorney works for you and wants to help you win your case. Your lawyer is the only person who benefits from hearing about all of the aspects of your case and will only use the information you provide to help you.
  • Speak With Your Doctor. Doctors are obligated to keep any information that is shared their clients confidential. Therefore, you can talk about your injuries and feelings with them, and by law, they should keep what you tell them between you and them.
  • Do Not Speak to Anyone Else. You’ll likely get lots of phone calls following your accident. Friends, family and insurance agents will check in on you regularly to find out how you feel. Do not tell them anything. Your friends and family can probably be trusted; however, you never know what they could say to an attorney who hires a private investigator to snoop around in your life. Details your loved ones think are insignificant could potentially hurt you. Additionally, never tell an insurance agent anything about your condition. Agents are professionally trained to coerce accident victims into saying they are uninjured. Once you say those words, your chances of winning your case are miniscule.

If you have questions or concerns about your Bellevue car crash, talk to an attorney from the Andrew Kim Law Firm. We will stand up for you in court and do all we can to help.

If you know someone who was hurt in a crash, we encourage you to share this information with him or her.