Every year, an average of 500 people are killed in traffic accidents across Washington State. in this library article, we cover some of the more interesting statistics from the Washington Depart of Transportation's crash statistics for 2008.

2008 Washington State Car Accident Statistics

How many people are affected by car accidents and car accident injuries each year in Washington State? The answers might surprise you. Below, we have collected some 2008 Washington State car accident statistics, crash data, and other injury facts as provided by the Washington Department of Transportation.

•    In 2008, 517 people died in traffic accidents across Washington State.
•    An estimated 2,600 Washington residents were seriously injured in car accidents in 2008. Altogether, 268,632 car accidents were reported statewide during that year.
•    The age group most likely to be involved in a fatal WA car accident is 21-25. Those over 70 also have a higher chance of dying in a car accident in Washington.
•    While the collision rate is significantly higher in cities like Seattle and Tacoma (as compared to rural areas) the fatality rate in urban areas and rural areas is virtually the same.
•    The leading three causes of fatal Washington car accidents on state routes are speeding, crossing over into oncoming traffic, and drunk driving. Other causes of fatal WA car accidents include failure to yield, driver distractions, inattention, improper passing, defective vehicle pars, following too close, fatigue, and medical emergencies.
•    Snow was the leading weather condition that led to car accidents in Washington State. Fog, rain, freezing rain, sleet, hail, and severe crosswinds were other weather conditions that lead to a number of car crashes.
•    Males are much more likely to die in a Washington car accidents than females. In 2008, 379 men died in traffic accidents and 138 women died in traffic accidents. In other words, almost three fourths of all traffic accident victims were men.
•    The most car accidents occurred in December in Washington, while the most fatalities took place in August – a popular time for summer travel.