Healthy Children provided this list of tips for how to safely drive with children aged from infancy to teenagers, provided by Washington child injury attorney.

Air Bag Safety For Your Child

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Air bags are designed to save your life in the event of a car accident.  Children, however, can be seriously injured by air bags.  Healthy Children provides these tips to prevent and avoid the potentially serious injuries that can result from child/air bag accidents:

-For ages up 13, the safest place to ride is the back seat.
-In any kind of vehicle that is equiped with air bags, NEVER put an infant in the front seat.
-Depending on their size, your child should be properly secured in a suitable car seat.  Check out Healthy Children's site for recommended car seat use by age.
-Be aware of your car's side air bags.  Review your owner's manual suggestions for children safety.
-As a parent, plan ahead to make sure you do not drive with too many children than can be seated properly in the back seat.
-If, for some reason, a child has to ride in the front seat, adjust the seat to be as far away from the dashboard as possible.

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