School is starting up again in Washington State - and this is a great time to review safety concerns with your kids. Before they get on the bus or walk to school, talk to your children about common dangers, especially when it comes to school playgrounds, school sports, and getting to and from school.

Back To School Safety Tips: Start Your Year Right

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With fall just around the corner, parents around Washington State are preparing their children for another year at school. Autumn is a great time for new beginnings – and a great time to do a safety check with your children. School comes with a number of new learning opportunities and activities – but there are also some small dangers you should prepare for.

Here are a few back-to-school safety tips:

•    Talk with your child about playground safety, and check out the your local playground for potential hazards. Most playground accidents involve falls and head injuries – make sure that your child’s playground has a soft bed of woodchips, sand, gravel, or plastic mats.
•    Make sure your child’s backpack isn’t overloaded – a heavy backpack can result in back injuries, spine injuries, or just plain fatigue. Only have your child carry what he needs to, and make sure that the weight is distributed evenly. Make sure your child is carrying their backpack on both shoulders – even if it isn’t the coolest.
•    Update your sports equipment. Sports injuries send millions of children to the emergency room each year. Be sure that your children have the proper and properly fitting sports equipment and attire – and that your school is also providing the proper sports equipment during gym.
•    If your child walks to school, be certain that they know the route well – along with child pedestrian safety rules and tips. Don’t have your child walk alone, and make sure that for younger kids, every crosswalk is manned by guards.
•    If your child bikes to school, make sure that they have a properly fitting helmet as well as a strong knowledge of biking laws and safety precautions.
•    If your child rides the bus, be certain that they know school bus safety tips, both for when waiting for the bus and for when riding the bus.