A large portion of Seattle students walk to school every day, and unfortunately, some become hurt in accidents. Here’s how they can stay safe.

Walk This Way: Staying Safe on the Trek to School

It’s that time of year again in Seattle when children head back to school. Armed with their backpacks, lunches, and hopes for a good school year, students will begin to make their way through the streets and sidewalks to get to their locations. Unfortunately, before the school year is over, some will become hurt in accidents involving motor vehicles.

Steps to Take to Keep Your Young One Safe

You don’t want to be the parent who gets the call about your child getting treatment in the emergency room because he was hit by a car. Although you can never completely prevent that from happening, you can reduce the risk by reminding him of the following:

  • Crosswalk safety. Although crosswalks are designed to keep pedestrians safe, accidents still occur there for a variety of reasons. Just because your child uses these areas to get across the road, it doesn’t mean that he won’t come in contact with a vehicle. Teach your children about looking both ways before proceeding across the street, making sure they have the right-of-way, and never assuming vehicles will stop for them.
  • The importance of visibility. A majority of vehicle vs. pedestrian accidents occur because the drivers aren’t able to see those who are walking and strike them as a result. Light poles, parked vehicles, and utility boxes can block a driver’s sight of a pedestrian, so tell your child to be extra careful when walking near them. Additionally, although sidewalks are safest, if the child has to walk on the street, make sure he walks facing traffic.
  • Stay focused. Pedestrians often listen to music or look at their phones while getting to their destinations. However, doing so is quite distracting and can cause a pedestrian to become involved in an accident. Avoid engaging in any kind of activity while walking, as it cuts down your awareness of what is occurring around you, and increases your chance of becoming hurt in an accident.

 Let Us Fight for You

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