In Washington car accidents and crashes can happen in an instant and affect thousands of people in Bellevue every year. Call Bellevue Attorney.

Bellevue Car Accident Attorney

We are very fortunate to have our main office in Bellevue, and have been witnesses to the exciting booming growth that this city has seen. The city of Bellevue is growing at an exponential rate with new retail, apartment communities and office buildings going up every year- making Bellevue the "hot spot" on the greater eastside. As the skyline continues to grow, the added traffic has made Bellevue roads increasingly more dangerous for motorists and pedestrians by creating heavily populated crosswalks and busy intersections.

Contacy experiance Bellevue Car Accident Attorney

You may not need a lawyer for your car accident case, and that is exactly why we offer FREE initial consultations. At Andrew Kim Law Firm, we only take a small amount of select cases so we can dedicate all of our resources and time towards them. This are of law require compassion, patience, and understanding of the clients while aggressively pursuing the case against the other insurance company or party. Everyone at the Andrew Kim Law Firm takes great pride in providing the best support and guidance in achieving their client's goals.

Call the Bellevue Car Accident Lawyer Andrew Kim at Andrew Kim Law Firm at425-289-1990. You will speak with an experienced attorney who can help explain the process and answer any questions you may have.

If you need a copy your accident report, or any other pubilc record from the Bellevue Police Department, use this form. Provided by Bellevue car accident lawyer