A Seattle bicycle accident injury attorney shares three great non-profit organizations in Washington that focus on cyclist education and bike safety.

Local Bike Safety Resources For Cyclists In Seattle & Washington State

Do you want to become involved in the biking and cyclist communities in the Seattle area or in Washington State? Luckily, there are a number of clubs and organizations that put their time and energy into increasing bicycle safety, promoting bicycle-friendly streets, and supporting laws that will help reduce the number and rate Washington bike accidents.


Here's a look at three of the biggest non-profit biking organizations in Washington:


  • Bicycle Alliance of Washington. This non-profit organization promotes bicycle safety and a bicycle-friendly Washington. The Alliance works to identify key legal issues for cyclists in Washington State, make streets across the state safer for bikers, raise money for bicycle-related causes, and raise awareness regarding to bike commuting. Their website offers commuting tips for bikers, safety programs for students, a lost bike page, and information on upcoming biking events.


  • Cascade Bicycle Club. With more than 14,000 members in the Seattle area, this non-profit cyclist organization focuses on bike safety for kids, upcoming bicycle legislation in the Seattle and Washington, commuting by bike, and urban cycling techniques. The club holds events for bikers throughout the year, including a bike safety equipment drive, kid bike trips, adult biking classes, and after-school cycling programs.


  • Three Rivers Bicycle Coalition. Active in the Tri-cities area of Washington State, this non-profit organization promotes shared-use streets and trails, educates citizens about bicycle safety, encourages bike commuting, and raises awareness about biking laws. Members of this coalition participate in programs like the Bike to Work Challenge and the Safe Routes to School Program.


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