Biking is a great activity for kids - but it can be extremely dangerous if your children do not understand biking laws or do not have the correct safety equipment to keep them from serious injury. In this article, learn four great ways to keep your kids safe on their bikes in Washington State.

Child Biking Safety Tips And Guidelines

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Bike riding is a wonderful activity for children – it helps keep them healthy and fit, it teaches them balance and coordination, and it is just plain fun. However, riding a bike can also be a dangerous activity if kids don’t know bike safety or don’t have the proper safety equipment. Each year in Washington State, hundreds of children go to the emergency room with injuries from biking accidents – and many of these accidents could have been prevented if children and parents were familiar with basic biking safety for kids.

Here is what all children should know about biking safety:

•    Wear a helmet.
The number one way to keep safe while on a bike is to wear a well-fitted and well-constructed helmet while riding. These helmets cut down on head injuries significantly, especially if a child is hit by a vehicle. Make sure that your child’s helmet is not too big or too small – wearing the wrong sized helmet or an unbuckled helmet renders them useless.
•    Fit and maintain your children’s bike. Make sure that your child’s bike fits properly and that the brakes, tires, and other mechanisms are working correctly.
•    When riding, pay attention to vehicles around you. Many younger children often get lost in their own world – be sure that they understand that they must be vigilant while riding their bikes. In neighborhoods, children should be especially wary of cars backing out of driveways. In all cases, make sure that drivers see you as you ride.
•    Understand that biking at night is dangerous. No younger children should ever bike after dark. Older children may bike in certain places after dark, but only if they are equipped with a head light, reflectors, and bright clothing.