A Washington personal injury attorney discusses the dangers of speeding cyclists on Seattle streets as well the consequences of speeding on bikes.

Some Seattle Bike Accidents Are Caused by Speeding Cyclists

Andrew Kim
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On Admiral Way in West Seattle, a cyclist was surprised to be stopped by a police officer with a radar gun: he had been traveling 42-miles-per-hour in a 30-mile-per-hour zone. Even on a bike, he was breaking the law by speeding.

Surprisingly, not all bikers are aware that they must obey all traffic laws, including the posted speed limits. In addition, many don’t know that, just like with motorized vehicles, speed kills. In fact, a recent report from San Francisco’s police department found that speed was the leading cause of bike accidents in the city – even more dangerous than rolling through stop signs and ignoring crosswalks.

What are some of the serious consequences and issues related to speeding on your bike?

  • Losing control of the bike. Speeding very simply makes it more difficult to control your bike. Small movements are amplified and debris in the road or a small hazard can send you flying.
  • Riding too fast for conditions. Even if a biker is not going above the posted speed limit, he may be traveling too fast if weather conditions or traffic conditions are poor. It can be easy for a speeding bike to cause an accident in a downpour or in heavy, congested traffic.
  • Collisions with pedestrians. Speed makes braking and stopping take much longer. When a pedestrian walks out into the road, speeding bikers may not have time to react. In additions, pedestrians may not be expecting a speeding bike when they step out onto the street.
  • Blowing through intersections. Speeding bikers are more likely to ignore stop signs, red lights, and crosswalks – or to roll through intersections. In some cases, they may be traveling too fast to stop in time. In other cases, they may knowingly blow through intersections despite the dangers.
  • Riding recklessly. Speeding and reckless riding go hand-in-hand. As stated above, a speeding biker may not have the time or ability to stop at intersections or for pedestrians. In addition, speeding bikers may be prone to unsafe lane changes and turning without signaling.

Speeding bikers in Seattle cause dozens of accidents each year. If you have been harmed in a Washington bike accident that involved speeding, you may wish to speak with a personal injury attorney about your case. Call the Andrew Kim Law Firm today: 800-636-3676.