This week a Seattle water taxi crashed into a dock injuring seven people - and initial reports say that a mechanical failure was to blame in the boat accident. Unfortunately, mechanical failures, mechanical issues, and mechanical problems are a common cause of boat accidents in Washington State.

Washington Boat Accidents And Mechanical Failures

This week we covered the frightening story of the Seattle water taxi that slammed into a dock with dozens of passengers on board. Seven people were hospitalized in the boat accident. An initial investigation has found that a mechanical failure may be to blame in the crash, as crewmembers were unable to get the boat to go into reverse during the docking process.

Mechanical failures are a common cause of boat accidents – with malfunctioning motors and other issues causing collisions and capsizing incidents on a regular basis. Just in the past few years, mechanical failures on boats, ferries, and water taxies have injured dozens of people across the country. In Staten Island, a mechanical failure on a ferry injured 35, while a Sea World ferry crash caused by a mechanical problem resulted in 23 serious injuries.

Some boat accident mechanical failures take place because the owner of the boat has not been consistently maintaining the boat or checking the boat for problems or issues. Other mechanical problems could take place because the manufacturer of the boat or boat part sold a defective product.

If you or a loved one have been injured in a boat accident due to a mechanical issue or mechanical failure, you are not at fault for your crash – and someone else may be. In some cases, if the boat owner, boat manufacturer, or engine manufacturer was neglectful, you may deserve monetary compensation for your medical bills, pain and suffering, and other damages. Talk to a Washington boat accident lawyer today about your case.