A weekend on a Washington State Lake on your boat can be a fun activity for all involved - but speeding in your boat or racing irresponsibly can lead to serious boat accidents and boat accident injuries. Learn more about the dangers of speeding in your motorboat, speedboat, or cigar boat.

Boat Accidents And Speeding | Washington Boat Accident Attorneys

Boating in Washington State can be a wonderful, relaxing, and fun form of recreation - a pastime that can include family bonding, time with friends, or time to reconnect with yourself. But even though most boating activities are recreation doesn't mean that there aren't laws to keep you safe and dangers lurking behind unwise decisions. Especially when it comes to speedboats, cigar boats, and motorboats, speeding in your boat might be fun, but it is also extremely dangerous.

Just this September, a father and son were racing separate speedboats at high speeds in a bay. When the father lost control of his boat, he smashed into his son's boat and left his son with severe injuries. Last year, a teenaged boy was speeding a motorboat in Lake Washington when he lost control and rammed into a sailboat, killing one woman and injuring another.

Although there are not often posted speed limit signs in the water, there are Washington State boat speeding laws: boats much travel at a safe speed -- the speed that ensures you will have ample time to avoid a boat collision and can stop within an appropriate distance. Safe speed can change depending on weather conditions and visibility. Safe speed also depends on how crowded the waters are where you are boating. Speeding gives you less time to avoid obstacles and increases the chances of ramming another boat or other water obstacle such as a dock or buoy.  

Drinking alcohol while boating will increase the chances that you will not understand safe speed or begin to drive your boat recklessly.