Boating season has officially started here in the Pacific Northwest.  Here are some things to keep in mind before you take small children out on the water.

Children and Boating

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Boating season has officially begun here in the Pacific Northwest.  With many lakes in and around the Seattle area, boating is a popular activity for many families. 

The question has been raised if it's safe for two young children to go boating with one experienced adult.  Many people may think that as long as the boat passengers (in this case, the two young children) are wearing a life vest, they are safe from tragedy.  This is most certainly not the case.  Here is a potential scenario to consider before sending young ones out on the water with only one adult:

-While on the water, another boat throws a wake.  The toddler tumbles and cracks their mouth on the boat railing or other boat accessory.  You are now offshore, away from medical care and only have one adult to drive back to shore and tend to the injured child.  In this case, the life vest never comes into play.

Another way to think about it: Do you think it is safe to take small children who haven't fully developed basic coordination, may or may not follow instruction and who's basic reaction to crisis or any kind of emergency is screaming, out in a machine that weighs a ton with hundreds of moving parts on probably the most unpredictable environment with only one supervising adult?

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