Burns are one of the most common injuries from motorcycle accidents, and many are quite serious. Knowing why they happen may help you prevent them.

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Motorcyle Accidents

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Motorcyle Accidents

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Bikers and Burns: Motorcycle Accidents Often Cause Severe Burn Injuries

If you ride your motorcycle to work in Bellevue or simply enjoy cruising around downtown Seattle, you probably know you are at risk for an injury every time you get on. It’s no secret that bikers are more likely to experience fatal crashes than automobile drivers, and that they typically suffer from severe injuries when involved in accidents. You know these risks, however, and take the proper precautions where you can to keep yourself safe.

One danger you may not be fully aware of is the risk of experiencing burns. Motorcycle riders are plagued by burns quite often and can suffer from serious injuries because of them.

Why Burns Are So Common in Motorcycle Crashes

You have a helmet to protect your head, gloves to keep your hands safe, and an airbag jacket to soften the blow of an accident, but are you able to prevent burns? Knowing why they occur could keep you from having to suffer through the pain of such an injury. Some common causes of burns following a motorcycle accident are:

  • Gas tank leakage. Motorcycles are compact, and there’s not much from stopping the contents of the gas tank from coming in contact with something that is sparking on your bike. For instance, if your bike falls on its side and is sliding along the road, sparks could form from the metal hitting the pavement and encounter gas that is leaking from your tank. The result could be a large ball of flame that causes severe damage.
  • The pavement. Roads are unkind to a motorcycle driver who is involved in an accident. When your body meets the pavement and is dragged along, your skin tends to become a casualty. Layers are often worn away, leaving you with exposed muscle, tendons, and flesh. Along with being extremely dangerous, such a condition is also painful. Wearing protective clothing while riding can minimize the effects of road burns.

You Don’t Have to Fight Alone

You weren’t the one who ran through the red light on Broad St. and caused the accident. You didn’t ask to become involved in the crash, and you don’t feel you should be held responsible for the expenses associated with it. The Andrew Kim Law Firm agrees. Contact us today to find out how we may be able to get you the financial compensation you deserve.