Car floor mats may cause an auto accident and car crash if not properly designed or secured leading to uncontrolled acceleration into other cars, trucks, pedestrians, property, and serious injuries.

Tips to avoid car accidents from floor mats

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Tips for floor mat safety

  • Always buy floor mats specifically designed for your vehicle - eyelets in the proper location can connect to the hook in the floorboard adding more security.  After market floor mats that don't follow the contour of your floor board may bunch up and interfere with the safe operation of the gas and brake pedals.
  • Especially during winter, make sure the floor mat is securely in place and not bunched up.  If you notice the mat is out of place while you're driving, pull over as soon as possible and fix the mat.
  • Never put a towel between a mat and the floor.  Even though the grips on the bottom of the mat can dig into the vehicle floor and cause slight cosmetic damage, they're designed to prevent the mat from slipping.
  • If you can't brake because of the floor mat, in most situations it's best to put your car into neutral.  That way, at least the car is not going to move forward or in reverse depending on what gear you get stuck in.

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