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Car Accidents And Head Injuries | Traumatic Brain Injuries & Car Wrecks | Seattle Brain Injury Attorney

When you become involved in a serious car accident in Washington State, you could sustain any number of serious injuries, including back injuries, neck injuries, joint damage, nerve damage, spinal cord injuries, broken bones, and blunt force trauma. But perhaps one of the most serious and one of the most common car accident injuries is brain and head trauma. Head trauma is most common in car accidents in which victims do not wear seat belts, hit the windshield of their car, rollover, or hit another vehicle head-on. Motorcycle riders – even those who wear helmets – are very susceptible to head injuries after accidents.

Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) affect over one million people a year in the United States – and the single largest cause of brain injuries are car accidents and other vehicle accidents. While some head and brain injuries are immediately apparent, other head trauma may be overlooked initially. All brain injuries can lead to serious long-term medical problems, life-long disabilities, and the need for ongoing medical care.

While to most serious brain injuries will involve skull damage, coma, paralysis, severe blood loss, dangerous brain swelling, and loss of consciousness, other types of head injuries only reveal themselves with symptoms such as confusion, lethargy, headaches, or loss of balance. In many cases, a brain injury requires surgery, long recovery times, and months or years of rehabilitation. Some head trauma patients may need to relearn how to speak, walk, and eat following their car accident.

The most effective way to avoid or minimize head injuries during car accidents and other traffic accidents is to wear your seat belt or helmet, properly adjust your headrest, and follow the rules of the road.

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