Did you know that there are four major causes of commercial truck tip over accidents? Learn about the dangers of wind, speed, and improperly loaded trucks.

Causes Of Truck Rollover And Tip Over Accidents In Washington

A man who suffered serious injuries when a truck tipped over onto his pickup truck is suing the Washington State truck company for damages – including his $250,000 of medical bills. After the big rig crash, in which the man suffered from extensive neck and back injuries, the trucker was cited for careless driving.

Shockingly, 18-wheeler accidents and commercial truck accidents in which the truck tips over onto other vehicles or in front of oncoming traffic are common. However, the reason for big rig rollover and tip over accidents varies.

Here are the three most common causes of 18-wheeler tip over accidents:

•    Improperly loaded trailer. There are right ways to load a commercial truck with inventory, and there are dangerous ways to load a commercial truck with inventory. If a truck is loaded so that the objects inside make it top heavy, or if a truck is loaded so that the contents may shift during travel, the vehicle could be subject to a tip-over accident. It’s simple: most of the weight of a truck is located in the trailer, and if that weight is not secure and evenly distributed, an accident could occur.
•    Wind. Truck trailers are long and broad – and if they are directly broadsided by a gust of wind, the truck driver could easily lose control of his vehicle. Tractor-trailers that are empty and trucks that do not heed high wind warnings are especially vulnerable to truck tip over accidents.
•    Speeding. This is true for all vehicles: the faster you are going, the easier it is for a tip-over or rollover to take place. If a truck is speeding, it is more likely to be involved in a rollover accident, especially if it is improperly loaded or if reckless maneuvering is also involved.
•    Careless driving and reckless driving. Because of the way a truck is shaped, it is susceptible to tip over and rollover accidents if the driver does not understand how to safety drive his or her big rig. If a truck takes a turn too sharply or too quickly, for example, the tractor-trailer can become off-balance and tip over.

Have you been involved in a truck accident that involved a big rig that rolled or tipped over? Contact a Seattle truck accident attorney today about your case.