Did your child suffer a broken collarbone? Here, we explain how the negligence of a business or individual may have caused his injury.

Causes and Symptoms of Broken Collarbones in Children

The collarbone is a bone between the breastbone and the shoulder blade that helps connect the arm to the rest of the body. A broken collarbone is a common injury that children suffer in an accident caused by a business’ or individual’s negligence. If your child suffered a broken collarbone due to another party’s negligence, he could be entitled to compensation for his medical bills and pain and suffering from this party’s insurance company. However, you will need the assistance of an experienced personal injury attorney to help you fight for the compensation he deserves.

How Does Negligence Result in Children Breaking Their Collarbones?

A broken collarbone is often caused by landing on the shoulder in a fall or a direct blow to it. Common reasons that children break their collarbones include:

  • Falls, such as a slip and fall accidents when the child falls on his outstretched hand or his shoulder
  • Motor vehicle, motorcycle, and bicycle accidents that cause blunt force to the collarbone
  • Sports injuries that result in a direct fall onto the shoulder or a blow to it
  • Birth injuries caused when a baby is traveling through the birth canal

Symptoms of a Broken Collarbone

There are signs you can watch for if you are concerned that your child broke his collarbone due to the negligence of a business or individual. Symptoms that are a warning sign include:

  • Pain in the shoulder area that increases with movement
  • Swelling
  • Tenderness
  • Bruising along the collarbone
  • Bulge in or near your child’s shoulder
  • Grinding or cracking sound when your child moves his shoulder
  • Inability to move the shoulder

Treatment of a broken collarbone involves immobilizing it through the use of a sling while the break heals. In addition, your child could need medications to reduce the inflammation and pain. Physical therapy is also often prescribed to restore muscle strength and joint flexibility.

Did your child break his collarbone due to another party’s negligence? He needs your assistance to file a claim for compensation from the negligent party’s insurance company. To learn about his legal options and how our experienced personal injury attorneys can help, fill out our online form to schedule your free consultation.