Were you or a family member hurt in a garbage truck accident? Here, find out the major ways negligent truckers cause these accidents in the Seattle area.

How Garbage Truck Accidents Cause Victims to Suffer Serious Injuries or Death

Garbage trucks can be found on numerous roads throughout the Seattle area daily. Unfortunately, drivers of these trucks are often more focused on getting the garbage picked up quickly on their route than the safety of others. As a result, you or a family member could be seriously injured or killed in a garbage truck accident—sometimes even in your own neighborhood.

Common Causes of Garbage Truck Collisions

As with other types of commercial trucks, driving a garbage truck takes special training and experience. Truck drivers must be able to drive on our congested streets, highways, and narrow roads. They have large blind spots that they need to be constantly aware of—often with no backup camera. Here are some of the top causes of these accidents:

  • Backing up. Garbage trucks may back up suddenly if they miss a stop or a piece of garbage. There is a large blind spot behind the truck, and the driver has no rear-view mirror. If he fails to check carefully, he could back into a vehicle, pedestrian, small child, or bicycle rider.
  • Trucker negligence. Truckers can engage in many other negligent driving practices, like speeding, distracted driving, intoxication, and drowsiness, that can result in a tragic accident.
  • Debris. Garbage and other items being picked up by a garbage truck are not secured. If debris falls out of the truck, it can cause an unsuspecting driver, pedestrian, or bicycle rider to suffer serious injuries.
  • Lack of maintenance. Waste management companies and municipalities have a duty to regularly inspect, maintain, and repair their fleet of garbage trucks. When they fail to do so, a part, such as the brakes, tires, or steering, could fail and cause the trucker to lose control of his truck, with tragic results for the victims of the wreck.

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