A Washington boating accident attorney explains the common causes of wakeboard accidents, waterskiing accidents, and tubing accidents and injuries.

How Washington Waterskiing Accidents, Tubing Accidents & Wakeboard Accidents Happen

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We recently covered the tragic story of 33-year-old Nathan Bahner, who lost his life in a wakeboarding accident on Washington Lake on Friday, August 10. While the investigation is ongoing and the details of the boating accident aren’t yet clear, Seattle Police Department arrested the driver of the boat at the scene of the accident for suspicion of boating under the influence.

Unfortunately, wakeboard accidents, waterskiing accidents, and tubing accidents take place in Washington State far too often, and many of these accidents and injuries are preventable. Understanding how these injuries and fatalities occur can help us stop them from occurring in the first place. Let’s look at some of the top causes of waterskiing and wakeboarding accidents:

  • Boating under the influence. Drinking and drug use while boating is just as illegal as while driving, and not staying sober while towing water skiers or wakeboarders is even more dangerous. You need your full mental capabilities while navigating a motorboat that is towing skiers or tubers – for the safety of everyone on the water.

  • Distracted boating. When towing a skier or boarder, you must keep your attention on both where the boat is going and where the towline is. Beware of speeding, traveling too close to other watercraft and swimmers, and putting obstacles between the skier and the boat. Make sure you have an observer watching the skier at all times.

  • Reckless boating. Watch your speed, don’t make sudden turns, and never try to pass the towline over other obstacles in the water.

  • Propeller accidents. Be certain to shut the propeller off before the skier or tuber approaches the boat.

  • Obstacles in the water. Cross-wakes, other skiers, other boaters, swimmers, and debris can all cause serious issues for both the motorboat and the skier. The single best way to avoid these issues is by having a watchful skier, observer, and boat operator.

  • Faulty equipment. Making sure that the boat, the towline, the sporting equipment, and your life jackets are all in working order is absolutely key to preventing accidents. Check the towline each time you begin a new run.

If you have been involved in a waterskiing accident, tubing accident, or wakeboarding accident, it is important to understand exactly how the accident occurred, whether it could have been prevented, and who is responsible for your injury. If you believe you may have a Seattle boating injury case, the Andrew Kim Law Firm can help. Call us today at 800-636-3676 to schedule a free, private meeting with an attorney.