As a popular form of public transportation in Seattle and other Washington cities, you should expect your bus rides to be safe. But bus accidents may be more common than you think. Distracted drivers, reckless drivers, bad city roads, and mechanical problems could all contribute to a bus accident and bus accident injuries.

Common Causes of Washington State And Seattle Bus Accidents | Washington Bus Accident Lawyer

You would hope that your Washington State or Seattle bus driver would be well trained, attentive, and responsible. You would also hope that your Washington bus and Washington roads would be well maintained. However, all too often this is not the case, and a bus ride turns into a bus accident and a bus accident injury.

What are the most common causes of Metro bus accidents in Washington State and Seattle?

· Reckless bus drivers. Driving a bus in an urban environment can be a stressful occupation, but that does not mean that bus drivers have the right to drive aggressively or recklessly. Your bus driver may cause an accident by speeding, taking turns too fast, swerving around other vehicles, or making unwise driving decisions.

· Distracted bus drivers. Another common cause of bus accidents is distracted bus drivers. A cell phone, a passenger, or boredom could take the driver's eyes off the road or their hands off the wheel. A mentally distracted driver can also cause a crash simply through their inattention to their surroundings.

· Bus mechanical problems. Buses go through an enormous amount of wear and tear - and they should be inspected and maintained regularly. A mechanical problem, such as a brake failure, can easily cause a bus accident and lead to bus accident injuries.

· Road maintenance problems. The city's roadways may also cause a problem, such as potholes, slick roadways, or unmaintained streets. These problems outside of the bus or the bus driver are often the fault of a construction company or the city itself.