A variety of injuries can occur from a Bellevue car crash, but some are more common than others.

Experiencing the Pain of an Accident: Common Injuries Resulting From a Bellevue Car Crash

If you’re riding down I-405 and suddenly have to slam on your brakes, the thought of colliding into the vehicle in front of you probably flashes across your mind. As you might imagine, smashing into the bumper and trunk of the car or truck ahead will cause damage to your automobile, but potentially even more to your body. A variety of injuries can occur as a result of a Bellevue car crash, but some happen more often than others.


Glass—and we mean lots of shattered glass—is a common sight on the pavement around the location of a car accident. Glass comprises a significant part of your vehicle and it often cracks and break apart during a collision. This glass, as well as other parts of the vehicle, can cut you and require stitches, if the laceration is deep enough.

Broken Bones

Your vehicle offers a good amount of protection when you are involved in an accident. Unfortunately, it isn’t always enough to prevent you from experiencing broken bones because of the impact. Vehicle components, like the steering wheel, can also cause injuries, such as fractured ribs, if the impact is strong enough.

Neck and Head Injuries

It’s often thought that people tend to exaggerate about whiplash problems after a vtraffic collision, but the truth is that such a problem is quite painful and common. The impact of a vehicle crashing into yours often causes the neck to move around rather forcefully. The strain that is put on the muscles during this movement can cause the injury. Additionally, concussions and other head injuries often occur because of objects coming in contact with your head.

Experiencing injuries as a result of your Bellevue car crash often takes up lots of time and money. As the victim of the accident, you shouldn’t be held responsible for the fees associated with the crash.

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