Pedestrian accidents lead to a number of serious injuries and deaths in the Seattle area each year - and many of these accidents are preventable. In this legal article, learn more about the most common types of pedestrian accidents and how they can be avoided.

Five Common Ways Pedestrian Accidents Happen In Washington State

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Pedestrian accidents are far too common in Washington State, especially in the populous areas around Seattle and Tacoma. Perhaps the largest tragedy is that many of these pedestrian accidents happen in common ways and could be prevented if both drivers and those on foot took safety precautions. Below, read about five common types of pedestrian accidents:

•    A pedestrian crosses the road outside of a cross walk. Drivers expect and look for pedestrians in crosswalk, but often have to slam on the breaks when someone dashes out from between two parked cars or at an unmarked crossing.
•    A driver backs over a child while leaving a driveway or parking space. Backover accidents occur when a driver doesn’t see a small child when putting their car in reverse and backs over the child. Most common with drivers in SUVs and pickup trucks, these accidents are often fatal.
•    A pedestrian is struck due to road design errors. Especially in downtown Seattle, there are several areas where the road is poorly designed or poorly lit so that pedestrians are in danger of getting hit by unsuspecting vehicles.
•    A pedestrian is struck by a speeding vehicle. A large number of pedestrian accidents involve speed. A pedestrian may be crossing at a legal intersection and may have looked both ways – but a speeding car can appear out of nowhere and not have time to break for obstacles.
•    A pedestrian is struck by a drunk driver. Alcohol is involved in one out of three Washington State pedestrian accidents. Drunk drivers can slam into pedestrians because of their lack of awareness and coordination, while drunk pedestrians can wander into the road or cross at inopportune times.

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