Pit bull dog attacks are more common than any other type of dog attack in Seattle. In fact, the majority of serious and fatal dog attacks involve a pit bull or a pit bull mix. Read more about this dangerous dog breed, including the controversy over whether pit bulls are dangerous due to nature or nurture.

Dangerous Dog Breed: Pit Bulls | Seattle Dog Attack Attorney

What do the following Washington State dog attacks have in common?

•    In SeaTac, two women are attacked by a pit bull on the street with the owner watching.
•    A King County man was attacked by two pit bulls on his street and required 40 stitches on his arms.
•    In SeaTac, an elderly woman is seriously injured by two male pit bulls while walking in her neighborhood.
•    A pack of pit bull mixes chased down and killed two horses in Maple Valley.

All of these Washington dog bite incidents involve pit bulls and pit bull mixes acting aggressively – and seriously injuring their victims. All in all, studies show that 81 percent of all off-property dog attacks involve pit bulls and almost 60 percent of all dog bite fatalities involve an aggressive and dangerous pit bull.

While some other breeds of dog are consider more prone to bite or more generally aggressive, pit bulls mix their sometimes-aggressive behavior with a powerful jaw and heavily muscled frame. This mix of strength and attitude sometimes add up to a dog bite incident or dog attack.

Some argue that the pit bull breed isn’t the problem – it is the pit bull owners. Pit bulls are more likely to be owned by those seeking an aggressive dog. In addition, pit bull owners are significantly less likely to fix their pets, creating even more aggressive intact male pit bulls. Pit bull enthusiasts put forth that any responsible owner who properly trains their pit bull will not have dog bite issues. However, the fact remains that when it comes to dog attacks and fatal dog bite injuries, pit bulls are responsible for the majority of the damage.