A Seattle pedestrian accident attorney discusses the dangers of distracted walking and possible solutions to the deadly and dangerous problem.

Walking while Distracted Can Lead to Pedestrian Accidents & Serious Injury

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We’ve written a lot about how distracted driving while using a mobile device can lead to serious traffic accidents and injuries. However, it is important to understand that using technology while walking can be just as dangerous and deadly. Paying attention to something besides where you are going and what is happening around you—like a cell phone, iPod, or video game—can mean walking into trouble or not seeing danger coming your way. 

Distracted walking: a growing problem

According to a recent Associated Press article, the number of pedestrian accidents caused by distracted walking has quadrupled in the past seven years, thanks largely to the increasing use of mobile devices by pedestrians. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), about 1,152 people visited the emergency room in 2011 after an accident involving distracted walking. In one instance, a man using a cell phone fell from a train platform and onto the tracks. In another incident, a woman was struck in a crosswalk while texting on her phone. 

What are some common forms of distracted walking? 

  • Walking while talking on a cell phone. 
  • Walking while using a smart phone to text, use an app, or surf the internet. 
  • Walking while listening to music on a portable electronic device. 
  • Walking while playing a video game on a smart phone or gaming device. 

Distracted walking accidents: possible solutions

Now that real data exists tracking the growing issue of distracted walking, federal and local governments are brainstorming solutions to the problem. While it often isn’t feasible to make using electronic devices illegal for pedestrians, some governments have taken small steps, such as making devices illegal at train stations. Other local governments have launched educational campaigns that remind pedestrians that not focusing on where they are going or what is happening around them can have serious consequences. However, distracted walking bills have failed to pass in several states. 

Seattle pedestrian accident attorney 

Distractions of all kinds are to blame in a significant number of Washington State accidents and injuries. If you have been harmed in an accident that involved distraction—and believe that you may be owed compensation—you may wish to speak with a Seattle pedestrian accident attorney about your case. Call Andrew Kim today: 800-636-3676.