Bus drivers are responsible for getting passengers to their destinations safely, but that isn’t always possible because of the distractions they face.

Is Your Bus Driver Distracted?

When you hop on the bus to go to work in Seattle or school in Bellevue, you like to think that the bus driver takes any necessary safety precautions. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Bus drivers can become distracted easily because of everything that occurs around them. These distractions can cause deadly accidents.

Over the past few years, bus drivers have been involved in a number of horrific accidents due to distraction. For example, in Kansas City, a bus driver who was reaching down to grab something struck an elderly woman in a crosswalk, dragging her a few blocks and causing multiple injuries.

Distractions Bus Drivers Commonly Face

Because of the nature of their jobs, bus drivers are subjected to a variety of different distractions. Here we name a few:

  • Passengers. Passengers moving around the bus, their conversations, and their attempts to talk to the driver can easily cause him to take his eyes and focus off of the road. Because of this, he may cause an accident that can leave those involved seriously injured.
  • Cell phones. Bus drivers know they shouldn’t drive while texting or talking on the phone, but this doesn’t stop them from doing it. Unfortunately, taking their hands off the wheel to text or taking their attention away from the road can cause them to collide with another vehicle or person.

Victims of Bus Accidents Have Rights

If you believe you were the victim of a bus accident due to the driver’s negligence, the Andrew Kim Law Firm may be able to help. We can fight for your rights and try to get you the compensation you deserve that can help pay for bills related to the accident and your injuries.

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