Seattle dog bite attorney Andrew Kim answers the number one question on the lips of all Washington dog attack victims: Do I need a dog bite injury lawyer?

Do You Need a Seattle Dog Bite Attorney? Three Questions You Should Ask to Find Out.

You, your child, or another loved one has been injured by a dog in Washington State. Your first matter of business is getting to a hospital for medical help and making sure your family is safe. Your second matter of business is making sure that the dog that harmed you or your loved one doesn’t harm anyone else. Your third matter of business is dealing with the consequences of the dog bite, including medical bills, emotional trauma, and other issues.

Can you accomplish these pieces of business without the help of a Seattle dog bite attorney? To answer that question, it is helpful that ask these three questions:
  • Who was at fault for the dog bite? Did the dog have a history of aggression? Did the owner often let the dog wander? Was the dog provoked? Were you trespassing at the time of the dog bite? If you believe another party was at fault for the dog bite, you may need a lawyer. 
  • Were there serious consequences from the dog bite? It’s one thing if you were bitten by the dog and received no more than a scratch that didn’t greatly impact your life. It’s another issue entirely if the dog bite resulted in hospital bills, disfiguring scars, mental anguish, lost wages, or other damages. 
  • Should the dog attack have been prevented? If you aren’t sure who was at fault for your dog bite, consider whether or not the attack should have ever happened. If it could have been prevented, why wasn’t it?

Generally, if you believe your Washington dog attack injury was 1) caused by negligence and 2) resulted in serious consequences, you should speak to a personal injury lawyer about your case immediately. Even if you are not sure whether or not you have a WA dog bite lawsuit, however, you still have an opportunity to speak to an attorney about what happened. Call Seattle dog bite attorney Andrew Kim today to set up a free, no-obligation consultation. During this private meeting, you can get answers to the three questions above as well as an honest, straightforward answer to your original question: do you need a dog bite lawyer?