Dog bite prevention is possible both for families, children, and pet owners. Learn what pet owners can do to keep others safe from the actions of their dog.

How To Prevent Your Own Dog From Biting Others

It is certainly terrible to be the victim of a dog bite or dog attack, but it can also be a frightful situation to be a dog owner and know that your pet caused injury to a person. As a dog owner you have a responsibility to keep your pet from harming others, and as a dog owner you should understand that you could be held responsible for your pet’s actions. The consequences of having an aggressive dog can be very serious: you could be made to pay for medical bills and other damages, and you could lose your pet. So – how can you make sure that your pet does not become involved in a dog bite incident or dog attack?

•    Keep your dog fenced or on a leash. The number one most important aspect of preventing your dog from harming others is to keep your dog contained. In so many dog bite cases that we see, dogs have escaped from their yard or have been off-leash. Be certain that your dog can’t get out of its yard and that you are with your dog at all times when it is outside of its yard, and you will minimize the chances of bites and attacks.
•    Start your dog training young. Whether or not your dog is aggressive, biting is a natural act for your pets and has been for tens of thousands of years. However, if you begin training your dog early, you can teach your pet that biting is absolutely unacceptable. Even older dogs can learn that nipping and mouthing humans is not appropriate behavior with patients and the right training.
•    Don’t let strangers approach your dog. Strangers and children may come up to your dog in public to try to meet or pet your animal. While their intentions or good, you may find yourself in a dog bite situation. While it may seem unfriendly, it is a good idea to discourage strangers from approaching your pet.
•    Don’t ignore a dog with behavioral problems. Sometimes dogs that have a history of abuse or abandonment also have aggressive tendencies and may be prone to biting. While it is a loving act for some owners to try and rehabilitate their dogs, it is also very important to understand that you are housing a dangerous animal and that you will be held responsible for its actions. If you own a dog that is aggressive due to deep-seeded behavioral issues, you should either consider keeping the dog out of the public or giving the dog to a professional who may be able to give the dog a safe home despite its issues.