An infection can be a life-threatening consequence of a dog bite. Here, learn about common infections you could develop if a dog attacks you.

Dangerous Infections You Could Develop From a Dog Bite

infections caused by dog bitesWhile an infection from a dog bite may not seem that serious compared to other injuries, the reality is that even a minor bite can lead to a serious, sometimes life-threatening infection. That is why it is critical to seek prompt medical care for any dog bite no matter how serious you consider it. Then you need to contact an experienced dog bite attorney for assistance in holding the dog owner responsible for compensating you for your injuries.

Common Infections Caused by Dog Bites

It is easy to develop an infection from a dog bite because the dog’s mouth is full of germs and his bite almost always punctures the skin. This releases the dog’s germs into the wound where they can work their way into deeper layers of skin and blood. Common infections that a victim could suffer include:

  • Rabies. Rabies is an infection that affects the nervous system and progresses to brain damage and death. It is almost always fatal without treatment, so prompt medical care is important. Symptoms include headache, vomiting, partial paralysis, and hallucinations.
  • Pasteurellosis. This is probably the most common infection a person could develop from a dog bite. Symptoms can include swelling, redness, and pain in the bite area. If it is untreated, a person could develop pneumonia, meningitis, blood infections, and other serious complications.
  • Staph and Strep infections. These infections are caused by the staphylococcus or streptococcus bacteria. The bite area can be swollen, red, and painful and discharge pus. In addition, a person could develop a fever, joint pain, cellulitis, or a dangerous blood infection, like sepsis—sometimes fatal.
  •  Capnocytophaga infection. This is a rare infection that can cause fever, headaches, vomiting, and rashes. Medical care is essential to prevent a blood infection, damage to the heart, or death.

If you suffered an infection or other injury from a dog attack, you may be entitled to compensation from the dog bite owner under Washington state dog bite laws. Our experienced dog bite attorneys have years of experience fighting for the rights of dog bite victims. To learn how we can assist you, fill out our online form to schedule your free consultation.