You may realize that some people on the roads are texting or using their cell phones - but did you know that truckers whizzing down the road at 65 miles per hour could be using their on-board work computers? Learn more about a trucker driving distraction that could cause truck accidents and truck accident injuries.

Driver Distraction: Trucker On-Board Computers | Washington Truck Accident Lawyers

This month we covered a story from the Seattle Post Intelligencer that involved truckers and driver distractions. While new studies from around the world have proven that truckers are significantly more likely to cause truck accidents due to driver distraction, truck drivers around the country are petitioning to keep texting, cell phone use, and on-board computers legal for big rig drivers.

Although a recent study found that using mobile devices while driving a truck increased truck accident rates by 28 percent, the American Trucking Associations think that banning mobile devices from truck cabs is "overkill."  However, just last month a trucker slammed into another car while using his on-board computer - a device used by truckers to communicate with their managers and companies regarding their load and their route. Although these on-board computers are meant for use only when the truck is parked, many truckers admit to using them while behind the wheel.

The ATA says that using the on-board computer is less distracting than cell phone usage, saying that the truck driver would only be reading four to six lines of text and that their eyes would only leave the road for a few seconds at a time. Driver distraction safety advocates argue, however, that a few seconds of inattention is all it takes to cause a serious truck accident. Especially considering that trucks cause more serious injuries and more fatalities due to their size and weight, perhaps they should have been banned from using their on-board computers long ago.