If a negligent driver caused your car accident, you must prove your right to compensation. Learn what types of evidence can help you do this.

Collect This Evidence to Prove Your Right to Compensation From the Negligent Driver

Under the laws in Washington State, the negligent driver who caused your car accident is fully responsible for compensating you for your injuries. However, you must prove his negligence and the amount of your damages in order to receive a settlement from his insurance company. The way you do this is through collecting evidence that supports your claim.

Types of Evidence You Need When Filing a Claim Following a Car Accident

While your own statement regarding the cause of your crash and how badly you were injured is important evidence that you can use when filing your claim with the other driver’s insurance company, you will need additional evidence. This is because his insurance company will most likely raise disputes in your case about who was at fault and/or the severity of your injuries in an effort to reduce or deny your claim. Depending on the precise disputes in your case, you could find these types of evidence helpful:

  • Police report. The police report provides valuable information, such as the date and time of the crash, contact information for any drivers, a narrative of how the crash occurred, and any citations that were issued. The insurance company will request a copy of the police report as part of its investigation of your claim.
  • Pictures. Pictures can be helpful to show the accident scene, the damage to the vehicles, road and weather conditions, your injuries, and more.
  • Witnesses. People who witnessed your collision, especially if they are neutral third-parties, can be powerful witnesses to corroborate that the other driver—and not you—caused the crash.
  • Medical records and bills. Because the majority of your claim is for compensation for your injuries, your medical records are essential to establish the severity of your injuries, needed treatments, and your final prognosis for recovery. Your medical bills will show the amount you spent on your medical treatment and can help in valuing this portion of your claim.
  • Wage loss documents. Paystubs and other documentation from your employer, such as lost sick and vacation time, bonuses, commissions, and other perks of your job, can be used to show how much you are entitled to for your lost wages.
  • Expert witnesses. Medical doctors, accident reconstruction experts who can reenact your accident, physical and occupational therapists, and an economic expert are just some of the experts used in car accident cases. The types of experts that you may need to hire will be based on the disputes that the insurance company is raising about your claim.

If you were injured in a car wreck caused by another driver, our experienced car accident attorneys can help you collect the evidence you need to build a strong claim and defeat disputes raised by the negligent party’s insurance company. Don’t delay! Call our office today to schedule a free consultation to start learning about your legal options.