If your insurance company does not act as promised in your contract it could be breaking the law. Learn more about bad faith insurance from a Seattle Lawyer.

Six Common Examples Of Insurance Bad Faith

Andrew Kim
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When you buy an insurance policy, you are making a number of promises, such as the promise to pay for your insurance coverage. At the same time, by agreeing to insure you, your insurance company is also making a set of promises, such as the promise to pay out on legitimate claims. If your insurance company does not keep its promises to you, they are acting in bad faith.

What are some examples of Washington insurance bad faith?

•    Delayed claims. Even though your claim is valid, the insurance company takes an unreasonable amount of time to pay you.
•    Poor investigation into the claim. Your insurance company rejects your claim without investigating the claim properly or offers you an unreasonable settlement because they did not properly investigate your claim.
•    Poor interpretation of the insurance agreement. Your insurance company uses vague wording in their policy with you and then makes a incorrect interpretation of that policy in order to deny or reduce your claim.
•    Unreasonable settlement offers. Your insurance company knowingly offers you a significantly lower settlement for your claim, hoping that you will accept it.
•    Threats against the claimant. Your insurance company threatens you in some way related to your claim or acts in a similarly unprofessional manner.
•    Refusal to negotiate a settlement with a claimant. Your insurance company refuses to try and settle your claim or refuses to go to court regarding your claim.

In many cases, even if you are not sure exactly why your insurance company is not treating you appropriately, you may very well have an insurance bad faith case. The best way to better understand whether or not your insurance company is acting in bad faith is to bring your case to a Washington State bad faith attorney. Call us today to schedule an appointment and get your questions answered.