If the insurance company for the negligent driver is disputing your claim, you may need to hire expert witnesses to prove your case. Which ones may be helpful?

Expert Witnesses You May Need to Win Your Auto Crash Case

Unfortunately, soon after you file your claim for injuries following a car accident in Seattle, you may discover that you have to fight with the negligent driver’s insurance company for the compensation you deserve. You will need evidence, such as the police report, pictures of the crash scene, medical bills, and pay stubs, to prove your claim. Depending on the disputes in your case, you may also want to hire expert witnesses to prove a certain issue in order to settle or win your case.

Experts That Can Be Necessary in Car Accident Cases

An expert is a person who is qualified to give an in-depth analysis of a particular issue based on his education, training, and work experience. Experts are retained in auto collision cases when there is an issue in dispute, such as who was negligent or the seriousness of the injuries. The experts you may need in your case will depend on the issues raised by the insurance company in an attempt to deny or reduce your claim. However, these types of experts are commonly used in these cases:

  • Medical expert. A doctor and other medical professionals are often needed because your injuries are at the heart of your claim for compensation. A physician can help prove the causal connection between the crash and your injuries, how serious your injuries are, treatments you need, and whether you will require medical care in the future.
  • Accident reconstruction expert. If the cause of your wreck is in dispute, your attorney may retain an accident reconstruction expert. This person can view the crash scene, examine pictures, assess damage to the vehicles, request the police report, and gather other information and use it to create a computer reenactment of your accident to show how it really occurred.
  • Economic expert. If you suffered a permanent injury that requires you to make a career change or leaves you disabled, you may need an economic expert to calculate your lost earning capacity damages. In addition, the individual can determine the cost of any long-term medical care that you will need.
  • Occupational experts. Another expert who may be necessary if your injuries impact your ability to work is an occupational expert. He can give an opinion on what jobs you may be able to perform or explain how your injuries prevent you from working at all.
  • Engineers. If a road or vehicle part caused or contributed to your wreck, an engineer, highway safety expert, or other expert may be essential to prove this aspect of your claim.

How Can You Afford to Pay an Expert?

An experienced car accident attorney can explain to you what experts you need and their cost. Some lawyers require you to pay these up front. However, others will front these costs for you and deduct them from your proceeds once your case is settled.

How Can You Find a Qualified Expert?

One of many reasons you need to retain a skilled lawyer is for help determining what experts are necessary and who to hire. An attorney who has handled many of these claims will have a network of qualified experts he can turn to in your case.

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