Children who are the victims of a dog attack can suffer serious facial injuries. Learn about common facial injuries and how they can affect your child.

Children Suffer Devastating Consequences When They Are Permanently Scarred by a Dog Bite

Because of their small size, children are often the victims of a dog bite, and being bitten on their faces is common in these attacks. If your child was bitten by a dog, he could suffer serious injuries and permanent scarring that can affect him for the rest of his life. Your child may be entitled to compensation from the dog’s owner under Washington’s dog bite laws.

Understanding the Effects of a Facial Injury Caused by a Dog Bite on a Child

Knowing how a facial injury can affect your child can help you help him to cope with the injury and long-term consequences he faces. You will also be better prepared to obtain the treatments your child needs to make as much of a recovery as he can. Your child may experience the following:

  • Physical injuries. Being attacked by a dog can cause many physical injuries to your child’s face—some permanent. Unlike injuries to other areas of the body, facial scars and deformities are not easily hidden and are often the first thing people notice. This can make your child more self-conscious as well. In addition, he could need medical treatment or counseling throughout his life for serious, long-term injuries.
  • Pain. Injuries to the face, especially if they are serious, can be quite painful, even as they heal. Your child may also need extensive, painful plastic surgery to reconstruct any tissue damage and to try to hide the permanent visible effects of his injury.
  • Emotional difficulties. Looking in the mirror and seeing a dog bite scar is difficult for anyone, but especially for a young child or teenager. Your child may suffer from low self-esteem or other image insecurities because of the injury, which could negatively affect his qualify of life, performance in school, ability to develop friendships, and more.

What Are Common Facial Injuries to the Face From a Dog Bite?

Your child could suffer many devastating facial injuries besides scarring in a dog bite that could require extensive and expensive medical treatments. Common facial injuries include:

  • Facial scarring and disfigurement
  • Amputation of facial parts, such as the nose, ears, cheeks, and lips
  • Broken nose and fractures of other facial bones
  • Nerve damage and paralysis
  • Broken jawbone and other dental injuries
  • Traumatic brain injury or other brain injuries
  • Loss of vision

Let Us Help You Protect Your Child’s Legal Rights

If your child suffered a facial injury in a dog bite, he is relying on you to obtain the compensation that he needs and deserves from the owner of the dog that bit him. Let us help you obtain justice for your child. To learn about your loved one’s legal rights and how we can help, call our office to schedule a free consultation.