The leaves aren’t the only parts of Seattle that change during autumn; the roads can become dangerous and deadly. Here we discuss fall driving dangers.

Although Beautiful, Seattle Becomes Dangerous to Drivers in the Fall

Whether you’re taking your out-of-town guests to experience the Space Needle, Pike Place Market, or other Seattle landmarks, or simply driving on 5 North to get to work, you’ve likely noticed some changes since the fall season came along. The lush green surroundings have been replaced with bright and vibrant shades of red, yellow, and orange that make this great city even more gorgeous.

Along with changes in the surroundings come changes on the roads. Drivers are at risk for becoming seriously injured in the fall due to autumn’s precarious conditions.

Know What Dangers Lie Ahead

Before you take your next trip to explore Golden Gardens on Puget Sound, Tolt-MacDonald Park, or another local hotspot, know what driving dangers await:

  • Slippery roads. Those who live in the Pacific Northwest are certainly accustomed to rain, but the wet weather is even more prevalent in the fall. Precipitation mixed with fallen leaves can create extremely slippery conditions on the road. Drivers can skid over leafy areas and lose control of their vehicles.
  • Shorter daylight hours. The sun rises a little later and sets a bit sooner during autumn, which means more drivers on the road when it is dark. Since visibility is reduced at night, accidents occur more frequently.
  • Wildlife. Deer, raccoon, and other wildlife make more appearances than usual during the fall months, and drivers often spot them on the roads. Crashing into one of the animals can cause serious injuries for everyone in the vehicle.

Get the Compensation You Need

Victims of car accidents often incur thousands of dollars in medical bills because of the injuries related to their accidents. Unless you have an attorney on your side, you could be held responsible for these fees.

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